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My name is Saskia, certified trainer and owner of EasyDog. Originally I am from Germany, but decided to move to Vancouver to live with my husband, who was born and raised on the North Shore. I had the opportunity to work as a professional dog walker and pet-sitter with an award winning company. I moved forward from this position and continued to work with rescued dogs. I volunteered for BAWA (Bali Animal Welfare Association) in Indonesia, where I had the chance to study the behavior of dogs living on the street. After all of these experiences, I wanted to get a deeper understanding and took further education with a highly professional institution in Germany called Hundewelten. Today, I work as a Certified Behaviour and Body-language Consultant, I utilize body language to increase the dog's attention by nonverbal communication. I am committed to work without the use of force and without aversive training tools. 

Speechless Dog-Training System S.D.T.S®

The "Speechless Dog Training System" S.D.T.S® was developed in 1999 by Gerhard Wiesmeth for dogs with behavioural problems. He is the founder and instructor from Hundewelten in Germany. 

S.D.T.S® will give the dog owner, based on the latest scientific findings, a practice-oriented system for communicating with their dog. The system does not require language, but rather conditions the dog with body language and gestures, while using food, as it is a vital resource for the dog. The system consists of: restriction, attention and the drive. This makes it possible to mitigate even severe problem behaviors. Indication of source: 


Are you ready to rethink and let go of old patterns? Are you ready to establish consistency with your dog? Are you ready to put in the work? I am here to support you and guide you through the difficulties you are experiencing. From the dogs' perspective, they have never had a problem. You as a dog owner perceive and define what the problem is. A dog that chases, barks, acts aggressive, or is fearful, are some examples of instinctual behaviors for the species called dog. Let's get a better understanding for each other, dogs and humans alike, to create the best living conditions. I would like to take you on a new journey and see the world through your dogs' eyes. 

I have my References upon request 

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My love and respect for animals especially dogs, goes back to a young age. I follow my passion working as Professional Pet-Sitter and Behavior Consultant. I will create a safe place for all animals I care for. The well being of your dog is my number one priority. I am reliable, knowledgeable and I can handle every given situation as I have years of experience. Leave behind your pet knowing there are well taken care of with me, a trust worthy individual in the comfort of your own home or mine. I will send you two updates a day with a GPS tracked map of our walks some photos, and a description of how the day went. I have also successfully completed a course in Pet first Aid. 

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Saskia WInd Professional Pet-Sitter and Certefied Dog Behaviour Consultant using S.D.T.S®

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